FreeMedia Ad Platform

Lightning fast, cloud based affordable ad serving.

Our proprietary ad serving platform was built from the ground up with three main objectives in mind:

  • Advertising Performance
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Simplicity

Publishers can sign up instantly to take advantage of our scalable and ultra fast ad delivery servers and increase revenue yield. Features include:

  • Amazingly cheap serving costs
  • Unique house ad solution (FreeReach™) to turn default ads into revenue generation impressions!
  • Easy ad setup and serving whether 3rd party or direct orders
  • eCPM optimization through price prioritization
  • Multiple pricing models - CPM, CPC, CPA and CPD
  • Mobile ad support
  • Real time trackinf self-service reporting to monitoring performance, revenue, click-through rate, etc.
  • Multiple targeting options - geo, time of day, referrer, user device, site cookie safety
  • Flexible frequency capping
  • Full management UI
  • Free Advertising for non-profits and charities!
  • Zone segmentation