Free Advertising for non-profits and charities!

FreeReach is our way of giving back. We realize that a huge proportion of ad traffic ends up defaulting to non-paid public service announcement (PSA) and AdCouncil ads. These ads are called "house ads" because they do not pay the site any money for showing or clicking on them.

Though intended to be philanthropic this often results in showing repetitive banners that are not well targeted or suited to the users who see them. So, rather than see a generic ad about forest fires for example, with FreeReach a user in Los Angeles may see an ad for a local homeless support charity where they can actually get involved and make a difference in their community.

FreeReach publisher's house ads use FreeReach to deliver locally targeted ads for non-profits and charities. This provides community based outreach for those charities, resulting in increased awareness of local causes and higher donation and volunteer services.

If you run a non-profit or charity please contact us to get your free advertising.

Turn non-paying default ads into revenue generating impressions!

Publishers participating in FreeReach can turn low or zero CPM ad views into additional revenue.

How does it work? All of the free impressions you provide to FreeReach will be tax deductible.